Business Listings

Targeting for local audiences using SEO is quite a task. To ensure that you will have a mark on your targeted area, you’re going to have to boost your SEO efforts using a bunch of third-party sources such as directory submission sites and business listings websites. Some of the well-known sites are Yelp, Google Places, YP, Yellowbook, Dexknows and even Facebook.

There are lots of business listings nowadays. Most of these are certified to help you in boosting your website’s visibility and will likely bring in potential clients as well. To do this, you need to get your business is listed in these listings and make sure the information about your business (like name, address and phone number, etc.) is accurate. Also make sure that you have claimed your listing for it to be valid. Adding videos and photos to your listing will also help in improving credibility. These are just a few steps in adding your listings.

Local SEO Success

Above is an infographic that shows the basic info regarding local SEO. Aside from having a site, using local business pages like Google+, store or business directories submissions and of course using social media network are some of the things needed to improve your presence in the local search engine. You might also want to try and use other pages like the Yellowpages and the like. Also planning ahead of time can greatly help, especially when you are going to do some deals, special offers or events that you would like to get the people know about it. Having customer reviews included in your business will help increase your credibility which in turn leads to more customers to visit your site. Proper use of keywords also helps. Keyword research is a common step used in SEO so try to invest in that as well. In the above image, it also mentioned that the use of regional top level domain also helps. Example is if you’re a UK based business then using a .uk domain is advisable.

Local SEO infographics

Why SEO Is A Must To Every Website?

SEO is one of the most important things in the internet world. It is the core step in any online business that we see often nowadays. So what is SEO exactly? SEO (abbreviated from Search Engine Optimization) is a process in which it focuses on the optimization of a website in order for it to be noticed by the search engines, mainly the Google search engine. SEO has been around since the earlier days of the internet and almost every year the algorithm of search engines changes. With that, SEO also changes in order to cope up with it.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is really vast especially if you are targeting a wider scale of audience, let’s say the whole world. But in this blog we will talk about SEO in a much lower scale, which is Local SEO. As you can probably comprehend, Local SEO has the same tricks and methods used in SEO but more on targeting local search engine. Let’s say you are selling items in your area, then using Local SEO you can specifically focus only on a certain area whether in your local area or near. There are different ways in doing local SEO, sometimes you don’t even need a website for it but that topic will be discussed much later on. For now let us dig in more into the world of Local SEO.