Local SEO Success

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Above is an infographic that shows the basic info regarding local SEO. Aside from having a site, using local business pages like Google+, store or business directories submissions and of course using social media network are some of the things needed to improve your presence in the local search engine. You might also want to try and use other pages like the Yellowpages and the like. Also planning ahead of time can greatly help, especially when you are going to do some deals, special offers or events that you would like to get the people know about it. Having customer reviews included in your business will help increase your credibility which in turn leads to more customers to visit your site. Proper use of keywords also helps. Keyword research is a common step used in SEO so try to invest in that as well. In the above image, it also mentioned that the use of regional top level domain also helps. Example is if you’re a UK based business then using a .uk domain is advisable.

Local SEO infographics