The Importance of Homepage

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Google constantly changes its algorithm every year, therefore it is a must to also change your approach in SEO. In this case, you have to improve your SEO in order to improve your site better rather than trying to outwit Google. Do this method first before sending out your site to different business directories.

There are lots of competitions out there. You need to take a hard look at your site and your competitor’s site then compare. How can you make your site better than it is now? What is it you lack? With these questions in mind, make the best of your site in the eyes of visitors.

Local SEO

First of all, the home page content is the first thing visitors see in your site. Invest some time in improving the way your home page looks and add contents related to your niche and give more useful info about what you are giving. You can add a few sentences but try to make sure that its relevant and packed with everything what the visitors must know.Also take note of the keywords you are using. Try to use keywords relevant to your niche and don’t spam them in your content too much. Another thing to take note is the title tag, don’t throw them all in your title tag, Just the main keyword and a few relevant ones.