Where To Use City Or State For Local Optimization

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Your home page is the first thing people see, unless you redirect the link to another page for some reason or another. It is imperative that one who puts up business site should do a proper local optimization for it. Google changes its algorithm very often, therefore it is advisable to adapt to such changes. Still it there are some basic methods that may seem old but can prove useful till today.

Local SEO

The old school basics that mentioned before is the use of proper use of keywords, in this case it should be the city and/or state where your business is located. Since we are aiming for local targets then it is essential to use your city or state in your site. To do this, you have to include the city and/or state in your title tag, your H1 heading, in the content itself, the alt text or images and of course in your URL as well. Using these simple methods you can expect that they surely improve the local relevancy of your site.

Do take note that if you are using images, then make sure to add the city/state in your alt text since Google can’t see your images. Also when you want to update your links, setup a 301 redirects in order for old addresses will be pointed to the new one.